Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Live Event Artist new website launched

The brand new Live Event Artist website is now live and launched. We are the number one choice for live event painting in the united states. We will paint you special events, weddings or whatever you want with a fine artist who is an accomplished painter and capture you memories on canvas.
Check out our new site:


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  3. You hear a lot about photographers at special events like weddings, but I haven't heard a lot about live event painters! I think that is a very unique niche to settle into. There is a certain quality about painting that's hard to capture in other mediums. I've always loved the paintings that were impressionistic and a live event artist would be capturing impressions. This is a very neat idea and makes me want to research to see if there are any live event artists that live by me! http://www.capturedoncanvas.us

  4. Contact us if you’re looking to do something different at your upcoming wedding or event.